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Glazing Services In London

The extra window glazed improves heat retention within the home. Moreover, it enhances home security Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of double and triple glazing and why an upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

Perforated Roller Shutters: Every business owner should know in London

It was coined to describe the concept that any item bought, has to fulfil everything the seller said it would do. This is enforceable by law, under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. That law says that any goods you buy from a trader must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose, and match any description given. If the product doesn’t meet any of these criteria, you normally have the right to return the goods and get all your money back.

Due to an increased rate of customer complaints, site inspections have been carried out across England. Up to 15% of garage doors are found to be either unsafe or haven’t undergone the legally required testing procedures.

By failing to stay within the law, dodgy installers are putting homeowners in danger. Remember, Perforated Roller Shutters In London can be the largest and heaviest moving part in a home. If its operation is deemed unsafe, it can cause serious injury.


Some of the most disquieting roller shutters faults include:

  • Faulty electrics such as ‘dead’ sensors or auto-reversing roller shutters.
  • A lack of or a worn protection strip at the edge can lead to crushing injures.
  • Defective fixings can collapse suddenly, especially in adverse weather.

For homeowners contemplating new garage doors for the summer, NationWideShopfront offers the following tips:

  • First, understand why you want the door. For insulation, security, noise, and light protection? This will determine the type of door you will get.
  • Contact more than one seller, (at least three) to understand what is available for purchase.
  • Always do your due diligence. Don’t hesitate to ask the seller any questions. Ask if the door is CE marked. Is the door compliant with the Construction Products Regulations and also the Supply of Machinery, (Safety) Regulations? Is there a call-out fee?
  • Ask the installers if they also manufacture their shutters. Some installers are strictly subcontractors; this becomes a problem as subcontractors are paid on a volume basis. Hence, they tend to do a lot of rushed jobs.
  • Be wary of a seller who quotes one price, but is quick to give you a ‘steep’ discount. Most times, the first price was a gross over-estimation. Lowering the price only seems like they are giving you a discount.
  • Always get companies to put anything agreed on in a written quote. If there are any disputes down the line, this can be used as proof.

To guarantee that your new automatic garage door is fit for purpose, test it by:

  • Trying the ‘hold to run’ function, (if available). This allows you to confirm that the door will only descend while the remote button is depressed.
  • For doors with a one-touch open and close system, the bottom edge of the door must have a sensitive strip that stops the movement, if it detects any obstacle.
  • For doors placed on a timer, there must be a sensor at the base of the door and a light detection beam at the garage entrance.

Choosing the right roller doors for your home or business should be pretty straight forward. But by not doing your due diligence, you may end up with a faulty door and a dodgy seller.

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